RAW Edit an Outdoor Portrait in Photoshop

RAW Edit an Outdoor Portrait in Photoshop

In this raw portrait editing tutorial I will show you how to edit an outdoor portrait shot with in natural light and using a reflector. In this tutorial we'll see the following.

First I will edit the image in Lightroom or Camera RAW to make the basic edits:

- Fix the white balance based on the effect I want to achieve
- Change camera calibration settings to tweak the colors
- Change the color luminosity in HSL to focus the light on the model
- Change the Tone Curve to add micro contrast

Once we move in Photoshop we will do the following:

- Remove skin glossiness caused by the reflector
- Fix face lighting using Curves and layer masks
- Enhance skin using Frequency separation
- Sharpen lips and eyes which are out of focus
- Naturally enhance eyes light and color with Hue/Saturation and blend modes
- Use adjustment Layers and Camera RAW to create the final effect

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RAW Edit an Outdoor Portrait in Photoshop

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